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BBQ Fuel

Hot Shots are one of the world’s great BBQ briquettes. It's burning time of a minimum three hours makes it ideal for cooking with kettle BBQs and spit roasts where no fuel replacement is required while cooking.

The Weber kettle is the best known BBQ and is traditionally known for indirect cooking. This means that the food is not placed over the coals but between the lighted coals. This method requires the lid to be on the BBQ with all vents open. This method is used for roasting, including cooking a ham (see recipes). Heat is controlled by the number of briquettes placed in the BBQ. We rate the heat level in three categories:

High heat – more than 25 each side.
Medium heat - around 20 each side.
Low heat – less than 15 each side.

Hot Shots BBQ fuel comes in 4kg, 7kg and 10kg bags

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