We are running special on firelighters for the period of July.

24 box minimum, price and pick up to be arranged by appointment.

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We're super excited to bring this new product into our Heating Fuels range.

You'll also see some more changes coming to our website. 

Try your local Bunnings store as stocks will be available now or will hit just in time for the Winter Chills.

You may have heard some talk about this recently on SEN Radio with KB and guests.

Please be aware that the Super Briquette is for heating applications only, it is NOT a BBQ Fuel.



Our great BBQ Briquette products are manufactured in Victoria Australia from raw materials not available elsewhere and has qualities which are among the world’s best BBQ fuel.

There are only two manufacturers of this product type, both have operated for many years and product has been exported all over the world for more than 25 years.

Hot Shots BBQ Fuel has a number of characteristics which puts it in the top echelon of BBQ briquettes. The main ones being:

a)      Smokeless

b)      Odourless

c)      Long burning

d)      Consistent performance

We have seen a large number of competitive imported products over many years in Australia and none have survived competition from the Victorian manufactured product.

So make the change or try us and become a Hot Shot at your next BBQ.

All Fuels Pty Ltd was established to deal with the full range of heating and BBQ fuels in the retail industry. This range includes firewood, kindling, BBQ fuel, charcoal, heating briquettes and firelighters.

The range has been consolidated under the brand Hot Shots originally used specifically for the classical BBQ fuel manufactured in Australia at Wonthaggi Victoria.

Demand for solid fuel products has increased as the range of quality heating and cooking appliances have become available. This together with Australian's love of the outdoors guarantees the development of the product range.


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